Selling Your Business

Exit strategies and selling your business is easy with McClure Law.

McClure Law can ensure that the costs and documents associated with selling your business are managed in such a way that you’re protecting your interests, and satisfying any enquiries that you may have along the way. 

We will also help you consider practical solutions surrounding your business sale including:

  • If you are selling a company, whether you are selling the shares and/or the assets
  • Whether the sale is of shares or assets it is in both parties’ interests to have an agreement drawn up
  • From a purchaser's point of view, the key issues are ownership of shares or assets, power and authority to make the sale, possible liabilities, security of property issues, employee issues, intellectual property, guarantees or warranties
  • For both buyer and seller there may be tax implications with the deal, both immediately and in the future
  • Terms for payment
  • Further negotiated clauses such as restriction of trade
  • Other necessary resolutions and deeds.

Selling your business is an extremely time consuming and laborious process, and it is absolutely essential that you plan for this well in advance to make it as painless as possible.

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