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5 tips for your first court appearance

Going to court can be a frightening experience for most people, and the first time is extremely nerve racking. There is a range of things that you should always do to ensure you give yourself the very best chances of success – outside of getting capable legal representation of course. Here’s out tips for your…
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Make Your Magistrates’ Court Criminal Law Character References Count

Have you been charged by the Police or are you going to the Magistrates' Court and need a criminal defence lawyer? You might also need character references for court. There's nothing nice about being part of a criminal law proceeding, especially if you are the accused. If you need  character references, there are a few…
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Bail Application – Ensure you know your legal rights

The legal process around bail applications can be confusing. Knowing the finer details can allow you and your family to feel comfortable going through this part of the legal system. While you’ve probably heard people say things like 'getting bail', 'applying for bail' 'and ‘cost to bail’ — how much do you know and is the information…
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