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Property Settlement – What to expect on the day

Not sure what Property Settlement really involves? Let us give you an idea. Purchasing a property, vacant land or commercial property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. While it's an exciting time for all involved, what happens on the ‘big day’ - property settlement day? Although you may be caught up…
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Tips for subdividing land

Subdividing land can be tricky business! Maybe you are sitting on an oversized block in urban Australia. Or you are considering purchasing an investment set to subdivide and make some money. Like everything in real estate, it pays to do your research – or things may come back to bite you. When it comes to…
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3 Tips for finding the perfect conveyancing solicitor

Buying a family home? Our 3 Tips for finding the perfect conveyancing solicitor will make it as simple as possible. So, you've found your perfect family home and while you might be caught in the excitement of where your furniture is all going to go, you're not quite finished. It’s important to make sure all areas of the…
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The importance of a pre-settlement inspection

Tick all the boxes before you settle.

You've spent years saving for a house deposit, you've finally found the property that you love, your mortgage is approved and the settlement date is approaching…. now what? Buying a house is a lengthy process and one that is full of intricacies and fine print so you can be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief that you're on the home stretch (excuse the pun!) and that the process is practically over. However there is one last thing to consider before you start planning your house-warming, and that's the pre-settlement inspection.
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