Court Appearances

McClure Law will ensure you are properly prepared and represented at your court appearance.

Want to dispute what you have been charged with?
Are you’re involved in a dispute and want to make or defend a claim against someone?
How do you put your best case forward and admit to the Court you’re guilty?

Going to Court can be a stressful experience and our legal team can represent you in the following Courts and Tribunals:

  • The Children's Court
  • The Magistrates' Court of Victoria including Drug Court, Koori Court and Family Violence Court
  • The Coroners Court
  • The County Court of Victoria
  • The Supreme Court of Victoria
  • The Federal Circuit Court of Australia
  • The Family Court of Australia
  • The Federal Court of Australia
  • The High Court of Australia
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
  • Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

Guided by Principal Mr Shane McClure, the team at McClure Law have the experience to advise you every step of the way during your Court appearance, from preparing the case to presenting it in front of the Court.

We are up to date with the latest changes in the law so you can be assured of the highest level of legal guidance and representation.