Grandparents and Other Relatives


Children have a right to spend time and communicate with their grandparents and other relatives, and in some cases it is within the child's best interest to live or spend time with grandparents or relatives.

In such cases McClure Law is available to assist to determine suitable living arrangements and visiting arrangements for both the child and the relatives.

Common applications from grandparents and relatives are outlined below:
  • Application to spend time and communicate with children – these applications are usually in place when parents and grandparents are feuding or do not have a relationship with each other.
  • Application to obtain parental responsibility for children – these applications can be made when parents are incapable of caring for children (due to health concerns, addictions or domestic violence).

Our firm is available to assist in developing a request to the Courts to determine important matters such as where a child lives, and when a child should spend time with someone (a grandparent or other relative).

All applications are handled with care so that the right support is provided to the child and the family unit.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers are available to assist in all areas of custody for grandparents and relatives and are always mindful and compassionate to ensure cases are presented and finalized as swiftly as possible.


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