Intervention Orders

Family Violence Intervention Order & Personal Safety Intervention Orders

Intervention orders are set in place to stop people behaving in particular ways that make another person feel unsafe. The orders are made by a Court and prohibit the defendant from a range of behaviour including harassment, stalking, intimidation, violence or the threat of violence.

The two types of Intervention Orders are:

Family Violence Intervention Orders

These orders cover those already familiar behaviours and can include controlling a person’s money, behaviour by a person that causes a child to hear or witness or is otherwise exposed to the effects of family violence, removing or keeping a family member's property without permission, or threatening to do so and/or behaviour that makes a family member fear for the safety of their property, another person and even an animal.

Personal Safety Intervention Orders

These orders involve alleged antisocial behaviours between non-family members. If you feel there is a risk to your safety, or the safety of your property McClure Law can help you facilitate meaningful discussions with the other party.

If you have been served with an Intervention Order contact McClure Law for next steps and legal support.

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