McClure Law offer you compassionate mediation services

In mediation, parties can air-out their differences before an independent and neutral third person, a mediator.

With Shane McClure as your mediator, you can have your dispute reality-checked, and be provided with real-world guidance. We aim to provide assistance to parties to explore and understand together the interests that remain important, and to help you explore the ongoing and specific problems that hamper your effective communication.

Together we can investigate options and alternatives that take into account your interests, and open a successful and ongoing line of communication to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Why choose McClure Law mediation?

  • Mediation usually only occurs for one or two shorter sessions, focussed on reaching a specific goal, and must be attended by all parties in the dispute.
  • Mediation is usually voluntary, and all things said in the course of mediation remain without prejudice, unable to be disclosed by the other as an admission of liability.
  • It’s empowering. Imagine being engaged in the process, and controlling the outcome.
  • We can give you real opportunities to reach flexible, and commercially orientated results.
  • It’s efficient and won’t disrupt your business.
  • You don’t need a lawyer to argue for your interests.
  • You can sit in our boardroom, be guided by us, and give your dispute a real chance of being resolved once and for all.
  • It’s confidential.

Where mediation can be effective?

  • Financial and parenting matters.
  • Commercial disputes.
  • Workplace disputes: Employer-employee disputes, and employee-employee disputes.
  • Neighbourhood disputes.
  • Landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Relationship driven conflict.

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Do you need help in relation to financial and parenting mattes, including:

  • Working out long-term parenting arrangements?
  • Agreeing to financial arrangements to divide assets and liabilities?
  • Arranging financial support for your children or you?
  • Sorting out child support to be paid?

At McClure Law we are switched on and attentive to the current issues and interests that this area presents to parties themselves, and between parties in dispute.

We can provide education, information, and dispute resolution to help couples who are separating resolve their family law disputes. We hold high regard to the task we are charged with, and we aim to help parties see eye to eye, and provide assistance to make proper, and long-term agreements.


Family Dispute Resolution mediation encourages separating couples to reach amicable arrangements for the ongoing care and welfare of their children.


Family Dispute Resolution mediation can help separated couples and families reach agreement about property matters. We can help divide property and sort out financial arrangements following separation.

Relevant laws

We know the relevant laws to properly consider any allegations of family violence, recognise any distress or concerns that a party may present with (whether raised as a concern by the party not) and can coordinate how they are appropriately managed in a mediation.

Emotions and assistance

Parties seeking Family Dispute Resolution mediation might be confronted with a plethora of emotions, and be unfamiliar to the support services available, or even unaware of whether assistance is available at all.

We have a network of professional relationships that benefit our clients. We can provide referrals and network with other trusted professionals to provide direction and guidance in an otherwise unfamiliar world.

So how do I get started?

With Family Dispute Resolution mediation parties must attend a series of intake sessions to determine whether their dispute is appropriate to be resolved in this forum, and how the mediation can take place.

We can facilitate mediation:

  • Face to face at our office
  • Face to face at another location
  • Shuttle (separate rooms)
  • By telephone
  • Online by video chat

We aim to:

  • Open the lines of communication to assist you to resolve your dispute.
  • Help you open up and discuss with the other party what is important to you.
  • Assist you in a supportive atmosphere to attempt to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Control the discussion and focus towards resolution and agreement on issues.

Section 60i Certificates

  • If you want to attend Court to resolve a parenting order, it is usually compulsory that you have first attended Family Dispute Resolution mediation, and made a genuine effort to try and resolve your issues in dispute.
  • We are accredited to issue the relevant Section 60i Certificate you will need to go to Court, if your dispute cannot otherwise be resolved.

Mediation in essence is a collaborative process and used to avoid conflict and the unnecessary stress of appearances in Court. It is believed mediation is the best option for children, and property and financial matters can also be discussed in a calm and neutral environment.

If you’re considering mediation for your family matter, McClure Law offers a mediation service for clients across country Victoria and Melbourne.

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