Tailored Legal Advice

Looking for tailored legal advice that is uniquely developed for your situation? We can help.

At McClure Law, our extensive knowledge base and areas of service are limitless, and we aim to provide tailored legal support to suit your specific need.

While we have endeavoured to include a wide variety of our services on our website, the services are numerous and we can create a legal service to suit your exact situation.

We bring a broad range of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table and can assist clients with a range of tailored advice.

The type of decisions that can be made depends on the power of attorney that is signed and the law, types include:

Contractual advice

Ensuring you understand the legal jargon because any mistake or misunderstanding could lead you to a very substantial loss down the track.

Disputes at home

When you have a dispute that centres around where you live, the property you own, your fence line, easements, or shared land, life can be especially testing.

Dog lawyer disputes

Issues can arise as to the interpretation of these agreements or the determination of the rights each party has to the dog in dispute and sometimes as to which party actually owns the dog.

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