Wills and Estate Planning

Protect your future with McClure Law

We can tailor your Will to meet your wishes, as well as your legal obligations - a worthwhile legacy in itself. We can also assist by preparing comprehensive Estate Plans and Testamentary Trusts to minimise the risk of family squabbles about who gets what.

We can cover a myriad of familial situations and circumstances including:

  • Family trusts
  • Superannuation and self-managed super funds (SMSF’s)
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Special disability trusts
  • Tailored advice in respect of asset protection and business structures
  • Updates to your Will or Estate Plan

We can keep you up to date with any recent changes to the law surrounding Wills or inheritance law and can look after your Will or Estate Plan in our fire-proof deeds cabinet for safe-keeping.

Our legal team can tailor a Will to cover a range of speciality areas including:

  • Family business
  • Farm or large farm machinery
  • Same-sex partners, adopted children, and defacto partners
  • Beneficiaries to continue to receive government assistance
  • Assets which involve other people or joint bank accounts
  • Beneficiaries rights when surviving partner remarries
  • Flexibility in distributing assets
  • Beneficiaries who are young children or with disability including covering education expenses
  • Overseas assets, speciality property including animals
  • Providing for charity & bequests

Ensuring your technical legal documents are skilfully drafted and properly signed so that they have the effect you desire will provide the piece of mind you need when you’re planning for the future.


Our Will and Estate Plan files are never destroyed, so please contact us if you want to change your Will, transfer your Will from another firm or utilise our Will and Estate Plan storage service.

The team from McClure Law draft the necessary documents to suit your needs, speak with your financial advisors to ensure you have accurate and compliant accounting records and make sure you comply with your requirements under the law today, and tomorrow.

For more information or to arrange a conference with our legal team
phone 03 9744 1881 or email law@mcclurelaw.com.au