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As a Counselor, Mentor and Trainer, I have had many occasions where people are in significant trauma or deep distress and are looking for various specialist's help. I like to approach work in a holistic manner and I am very particular about who I refer my clients to.

Shane McClure is someone I have on the top of my list! He is professional, offers excellent service in a number of areas some of which include: Family Law, Conveyance, Wills, Business, Mediation and so much more. Shane's approach is human, genuine, astute, supportive and he is always willing to go the extra mile for his Clients. It is difficult to cover thoroughly the numerous benefits Shane's work ethic affords the client and collaborative specialists on his team. To be connected with Shane is truly a privilege. I hold him in very high esteem and have noted that many of his clients hold the very same view.
Dawny Healy, Sunbury.

SAVED US $50,000

I am glad we took Shane’s advice from the beginning, otherwise we would have had to sell to another purchaser, and would have lost over $50,000 in a changing market. Sarah O, Sunbury.


We changed conveyancers mid-way through our transactions and I am glad we did. McClure Law went above and beyond, in our sale and purchase matters. Alexandra G, Riddells Creek.


I am always nervous about buying and selling, having experienced so many problems in the past. Without the advice and support we received from Shane and his team throughout the conveyancing process, we would have been in all sorts of difficulties. I hope you enjoy the wine! Mike H, Taylors Lakes.


Shane and his team understood our situation from the beginning, and helped us secure our new farm when even our mortgage broker admitted it would be difficult. Lindsay & Sharlene E, Bendigo.


We knew what was happening from the get-go, and we thank Shane and his team for helping us with our simultaneous settlement. Rodney & Jill S, Wyndham Vale.




At McClure Law, we encourage our clients to share their stories. Often, there’s something they want to say to others who may be experiencing the same problems or issues that brought them to our door.  To protect their privacy, names have been withheld.

Here are some of those stories.


Buying our First Home

I first met Shane McClure when he represented my brother in a court appearance. It wasn’t exactly the Great Train Robbery or anything, but he’d done something stupid and needed help.   I was really impressed that Shane treated my brother with complete respect, and understood how much he needed someone to be on his side.  It was also really nice to be dealing with a local Sunbury lawyer.

When my husband and I set out to buy our first home, I thought it would be best to speak with Shane before we signed anything. As it turns out, I’m really glad we did. First off, neither my husband nor I knew anything about property conveyancing. We’d found a house that we liked, but the agent kept shoving papers at us and I wasn’t convinced we knew exactly what we were getting into.

The first thing we found out was that there was an easement on the property that nobody had told us about. Apparently, anyone could just wander across the back garden to get to the creek. After having us do a proper home inspection, Shane also discovered that there was a problem with the foundation that went beyond the “cosmetic” mention on the sales documents.

We didn’t end up buying that property after all. McClure Law could have helped us get out of the mess afterwards because the owners hadn’t been completely honest, but it would have cost a lot more money and I can’t imagine the stress.  I guess what I want to say is that unless you know exactly what to ask, and what to look for, you’re far better off having a lawyer look at everything before you get in over your head.

When we finally did buy our new house, Shane looked after the legal work and we didn’t have to worry about anything except getting moved in.

Thank you for Bringing my Grandson Home

My daughter had Sylvia on her own, when she was still very young. She was determined to be a good mum and did all the right things when she was pregnant. She lived with me right after the baby was born, and then moved out with her boyfriend a few months later. What I didn’t realise at the time was that Heather was suffering from post-partum depression. The boyfriend wasn’t much good with the baby, and I worried that he was being neglected.

I tried to get over to their place as often as possible, but the boyfriend accused me of interfering all the time and told Heather I wasn’t welcome. One day, I knocked on the door and my daughter had a black eye and bruises down the side of her arm. I could hear the baby bawling in the back room, but she wouldn’t let me in. I knew I had to do something, but I had no idea what. I wasn’t sure that I had any legal say in the situation at all.

A friend of mine had used McClure Law in another matter and Shane McClure came highly recommended as a family lawyer. I wanted to deal with a Sunbury lawyer, even though my daughter was in Melbourne, because that’s where I live. Shane listened and he wasn’t judgmental. He didn’t treat me like I was interfering, and he told me that as a grandmother, I did have rights if I thought Sylvia’s health and wellbeing were at risk.

Things went from bad to worse for Heather and in the end, Shane had to make a court appearance where he filed an application for me to obtain parental responsibility for Sylvia. I know that eventually, with help, Heather will sort herself out and be the mum she always wanted to be. In the meantime, Sylvia is safe at home and the boyfriend’s nowhere to be found. I wanted to share my story because I think it’s important for people to know that a family lawyer can help in these situations. They have the best interest of the child at heart, just like the courts, but you don’t know how to make that happen if someone doesn’t guide you through the process. That’s what Shane did for me, and I’m very grateful.

Finally Getting Around to Doing a Will

My story’s not that exciting but I told Shane McClure I wanted to share it as a warning to everyone else.

My mum passed away several years ago, and when dad died the farm and all the equipment was in his name. The thing is, he never bothered doing up a will. We’d barely got the poor bugger in the ground when my two sisters started squabbling and my older brother wanted to put the whole lot up for sale. Then one of my sisters, who couldn’t wait to leave the place, thought it might be nice to move into the old house with her family. Her husband’s one of those blokes who think farming’s a bit of fun. My brother got in on it saying everyone should get their fair share, but then my younger sister wanted a bit extra because she was the one who looked after dad when he’d been sick.

My brother got a lawyer in the city, and then the rest of us felt we had to as well. I wanted a Sunbury lawyer who knew something about the country, and I found McClure Law on-line. Shane McClure looked out for me, even though the family dragged it out for months, and the dust all settled in the end.  The most important thing though, is that I got McClure Law to do our wills. The last thing my wife and I want to think about is our two kids going at it over the china if we get hit by a bus. I wish my dad had been that sensible!