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Ascot Solicitors Melbourne Commercial & Property Law



All business transactions should be properly documented via an agreement or contract. No matter if the client’s business is small or large, the number one priority should be to protect the client’s business and the client’s interests. 

Our years of experience in advising and representing clients for commercial matters have taught us the best legal strategies and approaches to advise our business-oriented clientele. We make sure we understand the client’s interests and intentions behind their business decisions and we are able to prepare documents to formalise terms and also engage in contract negotiations with other parties. Our goal is to protect the client’s business throughout the term of a contract or commercial venture. 

We offer a range of professional services in commercial matters. Our services include the following and many more:


  • Sale and purchase of Businesses/Franchises

  • General Contracts (including drafting contracts and cancelling contracts)

  • Commercial agreements (including Shareholders Agreements, Loan Agreements and general Deed of Agreements)

  • Solicitors Certificates for loan/guarantor documents

  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures

  • Corporate structure or restructuring

  • Insurance claims

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency 

  • Trusts


Whether you are a property owner or have any proprietary interests in real or personal property, we are able to offer you our expert services in helping you understand and enforce your legal rights. Our practitioners specialize in all aspects of commercial or residential property and have a sound knowledge of the law, which is imperative given that property matters are heavily regulated by legislation, which is constantly changing. As property transactions become increasingly complex through the years, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure we always create the best legal strategy to meet our clients’ demands.


The range of clientele we have serviced include individuals, corporations, developers, landlords, tenants, creditors and commercial and industrial clients.


We work with our clients collaboratively to ensure each property transaction is smoothly completed, all potential risks for our clients are minimized and our clients’ best interests are sufficiently protected. We pride ourselves on providing the right advice, which is fundamentally important and can make all the difference when it comes to a successful property venture.

Our services in property law matters include:


  • Leases (including Transfer and Variation of Lease)

  • Disclosure Statements

  • Landlord’s consent

  • Due diligence and planning considerations

  • Eviction matters

  • Residential Tenancy Agreements

  • Caveats, covenants 

  • Mortgages and guarantees

  • Property disputes

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